In June 2004, 20th Century Fox acquired feature film rights to the book. In April 2007, director Chris Columbus was hired to helm the project. Filming began in April 2009 in Vancouver. Portions of the film were shot at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. Filming wrapped up on the morning of July 25, 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Digital intermediate work began in San Francisco in November 2009. Christophe Beck composed the soundtrack. [1]



The movie opens with Poseidon meeting up with Zeus at the top of the Empire State Building. Zeus tells Poseidon that his master bolt has been stolen. Zeus blames Poseidon's son for the theft despite Poseidon's insistence that he is innocent, and gives him until the Summer solstice to give it back or there will be war. Zeus goes to Olympus.

The FuryEdit

Percy Jackson is introduced underwater holding his breath for seven minutes before leaving his dysfunctional Yancy Academy and going to his mother, Sally Jackson, who lives with Percy's abusive stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. The next day, during a field trip, a Fury, disguised as Percy's substitute English teacher, asks to talk to him. She attacks him, questioning him about the bolt. Grover Underwood and Percy's Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, arrive and the Fury leaves through a window. Mr. Brunner orders Grover to take Percy to "the camp," because "there's no safe place on Heaven or Earth for him now."

The MinotaurEdit

On the way there, Sally tells Percy that he is special, but not which Greek god his father is. The conversation is cut short by the Minotaur. When Gabe Ugliano's camaro is flipped over, Grover reveals he is a satyr and uses his hooves to break out, they make the rest of the journey on foot with the Minotaur on their tail. When they reach the Camp Half-Blood gate, Grover and Percy go through but the magical defenses keeps Sally out to the mercy of the Minotaur. The Minotaur turns her to golden light, and Percy believes she is killed. The celestial sword, Riptide, which was given to Percy by Mr.Brunner (aka. Chiron after Percy meets him in his centaur form at camp) fails but Percy manages to kill the Minotaur with one of its horns which he breaks off the bullman's head. He faints afterward from exhaustion in Grover's hands.

Capture the flagEdit

Percy later wakes up in the infirmary. He is taken around Camp with Grover, and meets Annabeth Chase, a demigod daughter of Athena, and Luke Castellan, a son of Hermes and the Hermes Cabin leader, and finds out that Mr. Brunner is actually the centaur Chiron, and the camp's trainer. Chiron takes Percy to his lakeside cabin and he discovers that his father is Poseidon. Later, all demigods at Camp Half-Blood are gathered around so that Chiron can introduce Percy to everyone, and for someone to pick him as part of their team. Luke takes Percy as a member of the Hermes cabin team. Percy later participates in Capture the Flag on Luke Castellan's team, the Hermes Cabin. He fights Annabeth for the red flag but she easily beats him pushing him to the ground and is injured. On the ground and wounded, Poseidon advises Percy to "go to the water" in which the water heals and restrengthen him, and soon after defeating Annabeth, takes the red flag, making the Hermes team winning Capture the Flag.

The Quest BeginsEdit

During the celebration, Hades appears in the camp fire as a fire demon and reveals that Sally Jackson isn't dead but she is his prisoner. He asks for a trade; he gets the master bolt, which Percy doesn't have, and Percy gets his mother. Chiron tells Percy not to bargain with Hades and to go to Olympus later and convince Zeus of his innocence, but later that night Percy plans to sneak out. Grover and Annabeth catch him and plan to accompany him personally, but first they stop at Luke's cabin. Luke tells them that getting into the Underworld is easy but a trip to Erebus is usually one-way. He gives them a map to find Persephone's pearls. After they get one pearl, the map shows them where to find the next. He also gives Percy a expandable shield and Winged shoes he stole from his dad's house.

Medusa and the First pearl of PersephoneEdit

First, they travel to Aunty Em's Garden Emporium to find the first pearl. They split up and Grover realizes that they're in the Medusa's lair and runs to find his friends. Annabeth runs into a scared woman who tells her that her husband was turned to stone but on their way out Medusa, wearing a turban and sunglasses, finds them. They close their eyes as Medusa removes her turban and sunglasses but the woman couldn't resist the temptation and is turned to stone. Percy manages to get Medusa's attention and as she leaves, Grover helps Annabeth. Medusa corners Percy, but he is saved when Grover and Annabeth crash a car into her statues, distracting her. While she is distracted, Percy decapitates her using his I-pod to look so he can look at her reflection. They take the pearl from her bracelet and decide to keep her head because the eyes can still paralyze people.

The HydraEdit

[2]Percy, Annabeth and Grover against the Hydra.Added by HoneiVladmir

Next, they go to the replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee and find the pearl on the crown of the statue of Athena. Since the place is public, they hide in the bathroom until after closing time. Annabeth knocks out the five janitors and Percy uses the flying shoes to get the pearl but, as they are about to leave, the janitors transform into the Hydra. Percy drops the pearl and flies up to behead the five-headed Hydra but then ten grow back. Percy makes a wall of water in front of him and the Hydra to get the pearl. On their way out the Hydra breaths fire at them but Grover turned Medusa's head on it and the Parthenon gets a new statue.

The Lotus Hotel and CasinoEdit

They go to the final pearl in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, where they are offered Lotus Flowers that brainwash visitors of the casino. When Poseidon warns Percy about the flowers, he snaps out of it. He finds out someone who believes the year is 1971 and decides to leave. He gets Grover and Annabeth and gets the last pearl from a roulette. Although the hotel owners and workers try to keep them there and they are forced to fight the hotel's guards, they steal a Maserati and crash out of the hotel at high speed. When they see the date they notice they had been in the hotel for five days even though they thought that they had been there for only a few hours. They go to the Underworld in Hollywood.

The Underworld[3]EditEdit

When they find the entrance to the Underworld, they bribe Charon and he takes them to the palace of Hades. They are attacked by Hellhounds but Persephone saves them and takes them to Hades. When Percy tells them that he isn't the lightning thief, Hades releases Sally and orders them to be fed to the souls and hellhounds causing Percy to drop his shield. A part of the shield opens, revealing the master bolt. Hades takes the bolt; however, he does not keep up his end of the bargain believing Percy had lied earlier, so Persephone knocks him out. They decide to take the bolt to Olympus but they only have three pearls, one for each person, so Grover decides to stay with Persephone, as he's Percy's protector. Later, he tells Percy that after Percy had given Zeus back his Master Bolt and told him about leaving Grover behind in the Underworld, Zeus came through. To Percy, this meant that Zeus had obviously thought over his words to him and decided that he had to get Grover out off the Underworld since Grover was Percy and Annabeth's best friend.

Luke's Betrayal[4]EditEdit

When they make it to the Empire State Building safe and sound with Zeus's Master Bolt all together, Luke reveals he was the actual lightning thief and he wanted to start a war to make a new age of the Gods. He steals the bolt from Percy and they have a battle around New York City with the flying shoes. In the end, it looks like Luke is the winner but he makes the mistake of saying, " Maybe they're wrong. Maybe you're no son of Poseidon" and that is when Percy makes all the water from the building top water tanks erupt and crush Luke. Luke drops the master bolt and as he tries to take it back, Percy makes a trident out of water and throws it at Luke which the trident made of water hurls Luke into the East River off Manhattan.

Returning the Master Bolt to Zeus[5]EditEdit

Right after defeating Luke, who made a mistake by saying, "Maybe they were wrong. You are no son of Poseidon, Percy and Annabeth arrive on Olympus right before the war amongst the Gods starts. Percy gives the bolt back and reveals to every god and goddesses that are there including Hermes that Luke, son of Hermes, was the actual thief who stoled it. Poseidon gets a chance to talk to Percy and tells him why he left: he was spending so much time with Sally that he was willing to become mortal, and Zeus created the law that forbid gods from seeing their children to prevent this from happening again. Although he doesn't completely forgive Poseidon, Percy now knows and is happy that Poseidon does love him. Before Percy leaves for Camp Half-Blood, Poseidon tells him that, even though he is regretting that Percy was born, Percy's mom was "...a queen amongst queens..." This makes Percy think over about what to do with his first stepfather, Gabe Ugliano or as Percy called him "Smelly Gabe."


Percy decides to go back to camp and Sally tells him that she kicked out Gabe. Grover returns to camp with his new horns, and Percy is last seen training with Annabeth.

After the credits roll, it shows the scene where Sally kicks Gabe Ugliano out. Too lazy to carry his own stuff in which he complains who should help him, he decides to get a beer from the fridge but finds it padlocked with a warning note from Percy, saying "Don't open the fridge. Ever. Under any condition. No Matter What." However, stupid that he is, Gabe ignores the warning, breaks the lock with an axe, and opens the fridge. Inside is Medusa's head. Her eyes are unprotected from any cover, so Gabe gets turned to stone (though it is heard but never shown in fear of little children dreading it).

Deleted scenes[7]EditEdit

In the DVD Extra's section, five deleted scenes are offered to preview. The first consists of Grover taking photographs of a statue of Aphrodite with his iPhone. The second is Percy and Grover having a conversation, while Percy drives the truck to Nashville and Annabeth sleeps on his shoulder, about Thalia Grace, the daughter of Zeus. Grover says he blames himself for her death, though it is not mentioned that Zeus turned her into a pine tree. This could be a push towards the sequel.

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Another is an extended scene of Grover dancing at the Lotus Hotel, but to different music. The fourth is another extended scene at the Lotus Hotel where Annabeth, Grover, and Percy beat up the guards. The last scene offered is Hades explaining his horrible immortal life to Percy while Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are at his palace in the Underworld. Many others are also offered, though not on the DVD. One of these is Annabeth nursing Percy back to health in the infirmiry where they first meet. This is also the scene where she says to Percy, "You drool when you sleep." Percy and Annabeth were to kiss in the end of the movie, but after the scene was shot, creators thought that is would ruin their relationship for later movies and cut the scene from the movie. A picture of the kiss has since then leaked onto the Internet.